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Why register:

Are you interested in DX expeditions?
Then you have come to the right place.
The goal is to make as many outings as possible and in greater numbers.
The outing can be done on one day but the goal is to make the whole weekend without interruption.
Everyone takes turns according to a chosen form (1h, 2h) so that everyone can participate as they wish.
Obviously this is not an obligation (shy) we do not care a bit because the goal is to be found most often despite our schedules.
So you want to participate? Subscribe, it's free.
Some info on the content below.
1) Electronic logs
2) Your transmitters up to 3
3) Your antennas up to 3
4) Your own QSL card + 1 for expeditions
5) Validation by your contact
6) A space dedicated to changing your information, equipment and your QSL card