Stop at R.O.S. and save time installing your 11m antenna

No more R.O.S. that we bother to settle

During your 11m outings or expeditions, you lose a lot of time during installation and especially when adjusting the antenna.
There is a simple solution that I suggest.
You take out a fishing rod of 6 or 7 m preferably, fiberglass ONLY and you fix a half wave that you connect to a box then the coaxial with a PL259 male then to the TX and go for the contacts.
It took you between 10 to 15 minutes hardly and especially without adjustments.
The antenna plus the box with the half wave that I offer, will display an R.O.S. less than or equal to 1.3, depending on where you are, from 26,965 to 27,855.

Telescopic fishing rod = Space saving 65 to 70 cm fold back.
R.O.S. unchanged at each deployment of the antenna (exit, install, traffic)
You can go on another band, it is enough for that and according to the band chosen, to change the wire with the correct length.
The PLUS , a protection is put in place to protect your transmitter/receiver.
Reduced price (The cheapest on the market with its thread, 41 € including shipping costs for France.) + 12 euros for neighboring countries (in the list during pre-order), per compared to another antenna, which must be adjusted every time, in most cases and not always with a ROS acceptable.
No need for an agreement box, so saving space for transport if you are on foot or by bike.

Personally, I have not seen one since I used this case.

You're tired of wasting time with settings, so go to the box (transformer of impedance) now :
This includes the case and the half wave wire, cut to the correct length
You will have to buy a support, that is the fishing rod of 6m see 7m, in glass fiber ONLY, which is around 13-16 € at Décathlon

The box (built in 3D) is tested and adjusted on a " LincolnII + v4 " from 26.965 to 27.855 mhz, you install and you contacts.

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